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Machine & Plant Operator

• Training period: 2 years
• Working hours: Shift work

Machine & Plant Operator
The world continues to develop every day - and has done so particularly quickly in recent years. It is therefore almost normal that numerous tasks are taken over by machines because in most productions we would no longer be able to keep up with pure manual labor. In this profession, you set up production machines and systems, put them into operation and usually also operate them. And if another innovation is launched on the market, you are also responsible for retrofitting these machines and, of course, maintaining them. During the two-year apprenticeship as a machine and plant operator, you will work in industrial production companies in various sectors and get to know machines and plants down to the smallest detail.

What are the main areas of study?
• Metal and plastics technology
• Food technology

How does the training as a machine and plant operator work?
You can tailor your training as a machine and plant operator to your individual interests because it is offered in two different areas: You can work in metal and plastics technology, or food technology. These different areas also give you the opportunity to supplement your training with further training that builds on it. With the apprenticeship as a machine and plant operator, you have a wide range of career opportunities at your disposal.

What requirements do you have to meet?
Care is particularly important in this profession. A high degree of care is especially important when setting up production machines or when you have to monitor this process. So you should definitely bring this quality with you. Since this is a technical apprenticeship, it is of course essential that you have knowledge of science and show an interest in technology and works. You don't need any special schooling; a secondary school diploma is perfectly sufficient for you to apply for the apprenticeship.

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