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Warehouse Logistics Specialist

• Training period: 3 years
• Working hours: weekdays

Warehouse logistics specialists take care of the entire logistics process for an order. This starts with the receipt and control of the goods and extends to the professional storage, assembly, and dispatch of the goods. In short, they make sure you get your order as quickly as possible. Basically, it is about the optimal management of a warehouse. This includes, among other things, the efficient storage of goods, the control and optimization of ordering processes, and shipping.

What tasks do warehouse logistics specialists perform?
Warehouse logistics specialists perform a wide range of tasks that go far beyond storing goods and compiling orders. Nevertheless, these are of course important tasks that you will encounter every day.
Looking after incoming goods: As a warehouse logistics specialist, you receive new goods and monitor the entire process. If the type and number of goods are correct, they are put away and the storage location is saved in the PC.
Perform inventory control: It is important for warehouse operations that inventory is maintained on a regular basis. This includes, in particular, checking the storage locations, for example, whether the goods are sorted correctly or whether there are still sufficient goods available.
Taking care of outgoing goods: Warehouse logistics specialists pick, pack, load, and ship the ordered goods. Incidentally, picking is the process of assembling goods for an order.
Determine delivery routes: Whether by freight train, truck, or ship - the respective delivery route must be planned very precisely.
Placing orders: To prevent supply bottlenecks, warehouse logistics specialists regularly check inventories and place new orders.

What further training is available for warehouse logistics specialists?
After your training as a warehouse logistics specialist, you have various options for advancing your career. In addition to traditional commercial training, you can also continue your education as a master craftsman. If you have the appropriate school-leaving qualifications, you can also go to university later on.

Further advanced training courses for warehouse logistics specialists:
• Logistics/Materials Management Specialist
Course of Study: Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Business Administration

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