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Why Study in Germany

Germany is becoming a magnet for international students from all over the world. A degree from a university in Germany is globally recognized and real asset to hold when it comes to applying for jobs. The high standard of education in Germany is known throughout the world, which will give you an advantage no matter where you intend to work.

Low or No Tuition Fees

One of the biggest advantages of studying in Germany is that there are not any tuition fees to pay for most university courses. Without the barrier of high fees, students can select their university and courses more freely. In addition, there are many scholarships are available to help with funding your studies in Germany.

Top- Ranked Universities

Education in Germany ranks highly in Europe and around the world. They are above global higher education standards. International students can experience the excellent quality of education, hands on experiences during their studies, opportunities to utilize cutting edge technology and improve academically during and after studies.

Advantages of Student Visa

With a student visa for Germany, you have a lot of advantages all over Europe. Student visa usually last for three months and once you get to Germany you can apply for residence permit which will allow you to stay for up to two years. This could also be extended further until you find a job or study longer. Residence permit will also allow you to travel visa free in the whole Schengen area, which provide wonderful opportunity to visit the other European countries you are interested in within in the timeframe.

A Wide Range of Degree Courses

In relation to having a large number of universities, Germany offers countless degree courses designed to suit everyone's interests. German universities offer one thousand courses that are taught in English. There are various types of courses to choose from including Bachelor's, Master's, PhD, Preparatory courses and Language courses.

Affordable Cost of Living

International students usually find that the cost of living in Germany is quite affordable. It is estimated that students will need an average of around €861 per month to cover living expenses. Rent is the major financial concern, which can be shared by finding accommodation with roommates. While there may not be any tuition fees to pay for your course, you may still need to pay some fees to the university which include a fixed fee for certain university services. You'll need to maintain health insurance coverage during your entire stay in Germany. Other regular expenses you will need to consider are food, transport, phone, internet and utilities.

Work Opportunities for International Students

Foreign students are permitted to work part time for up to 20 hours per week or 120 full days of a year. You don't need to possess a qualification in the first place because there is a wide range of jobs available and you will likely find something anyway. Commonly, students in Germany work as tutors, bartenders, administrative staff, babysitters, etc. Your working experience may increase your future employability, can learn you to add discipline to your lifestyle and live independently.

Germany is an Interesting Country

There are so many benefits of studying in Germany in addition to the education you will receive. The unique culture of Germany offers visitors incredible new experience s and the chance to join in with festivals and special celebrations. You can learn about the country's history and explore the diverse modern society of today.

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